Owners of JoJo to Take Over old Lemon Bar Space in the West Village

Previously we've told you about the new restaurant JoJo in Uptown, owned in part by French chef Laurent Poupart, which is slated to open within a month.

Poupart has worked at many great restaurants around the world including Au Crocodile in Strasbourg, France, and Metropole and Les Celebrites in New York City. For the past several years he's worked as a private chef, but has recently gotten the itch to get back into the restaurant business.

In addition to JoJo, a pan-Mediterranean upscale casual spot, this past week Poupart and his business partner Mike Moreno signed on the dotted line for the space in the West Village that used to be the Lemon Bar.

There aren't many details yet, not even a name. The general concept is for it to be a grill; it will serve steaks, but it's not a steak house. It'll have a pastry chef, but it's not a bakery.

Poupart and his group have their hands full right now as they're finishing things at JoJo. But, they're anxious to get started on their new place at the West Village.

The Lemon Bar is moving into what used to be Alma at 2822 Henderson Ave.

We'll keep you posted.

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