P-nutty's: A Dallas Stoner's New Best Friend?

It's Saturday morning, 2:30 a.m., and after a night of partying at Sfuzzi you find yourself on your couch, more stoned than a Snoop Dogg's bus driver, and in desperate need of a candy bar. Who you gonna call? P-Nutty's Snack Delivery Service.

The new Dallas-based home-delivery company recently launched its website, listing items categorized by sweet, salty, drinks and accessories. A Snickers bar, bag of Doritos, small box of Fruit Loops and a can of Coke will set you back $8.24, according to the website's shopping cart, including tax and a $3 delivery fee.

Fast food delivery is available as well, in case you're craving a Big Mac and unable to drive yourself. An escalating delivery fee that starts at $6 and increases with the value of your order is added to these deliveries.

Toilet paper, tampons and batteries for your vaporizer are available as well, but don't even think about anything illicit. The site clearly states they'll deliver anything but it's got to be legal.

The name for the site came from owner Brad Sullivan's dog P-nut, who tags along for some of the deliveries. I'm debating an order of steak from Nick and Sam's, a few jars of peanut butter and a box of dog treats to see if the mutt can keep his mug out of my eats.

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