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Pakpao Opens Friday With a Sprawling Thai Menu, From the People Who Brought You Oak

Richard and Tiffanee Ellman are at it again. Last year they opened Oak in the Design District. This year they opened Belly & Trumpet in Uptown. And this Friday PakPao will open back in the Design District again.

The third restaurant from the Ellmans will feature Thai food cooked by Eddy Thretipthuangsin, who was born and raised in Thailand, according to the news release. The menu is by far the largest for any Ellman restaurant, featuring more than eight pages of appetizers, salads, entrees, noodles, side dishes and more. (Phew!)

Prices look just a few ticks higher than Sakhuu, if you're familiar with their menu, and there are some items you won't find on many Thai menus around town. Charcoal grilled rack of lamb is a standout, as is sweet Thai jerky in both beef and pork versions.

Here's the full menu. You can start ordering at 4 p.m. this Friday.

Pakpao, 1628 Oak Lawn Ave., 214-749-7000

PakPao Menu - June 2013

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