Pappas Bros. Riffs on the Pimm's Cup With a Watermelon Twist

That's a tall drink of Pimm's.
That's a tall drink of Pimm's. courtesy Pappas Bros.
If you've spent any time in England, you've found yourself with a Pimm's Cup in your hand; the quintessential British cocktail is steeped in British history. Invented by a fishmonger-turned-restauranteur James Pimm in the 1830s as a "health tonic" (bless the Brits), it has remained a simple cocktail with consistent ingredients — Pimm’s No.1, gin, lemon, mint, cucumber and soda.

The folks at Pappas Bros. decided the original was a fantastic place to start, so each menu overhaul includes a seasonal version of the classic. The summer riff on the traditional tipple brings in a bit of watermelon. While the watermelon and lemon give a bit of sweetness, the gin offsets the herbal and spicy notes of the Pimm's.

We'll just say it: That's not a bad way to drink your health tonic.

Watermelon Pimm's Cup ($13): Pimm’s No. 1, Beefeater Gin, fresh watermelon, lemon, soda, mint and lemon garnish

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse, 10477 Lombardy Lane (Northwest Dallas)
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Susie Oszustowicz