Part 2: Abraham Salum on Grasshoppers, European Cheeses and -- ick-- Haggis

In part two of our continuing three-part chef's series we toss a few questions at chef Abraham Salum, recent U.S. citizen and owner of his popular namesake restaurant, Salum, which is about to celebrate its fifth anniversary. Tomorrow we join the chef in his kitchen as he demonstrates how to create one of his favorite recipes.

CofA: What are some of your favorite dishes in Dallas no one knows about? Salum: Dim sum at Kirin Court, curry clay pot at Mai's

CofA: If we peeked in your home refrigerator what would we see that might amuse us? Salum: Nothing amusing -- beer, water, milk, some fruit and cod liver oil for my dogs!

CofA: What is your favorite offal? Salum: Tongue.

CofA: What are three things we might not see on your menu at your new concept, [Komali, opening this fall] but should be? Salum: Huitlacoche, lengua, chapulines (grasshoppers)

CofA: What would you like to see more of on Dallas menus? Salum: More products from small local producers

CofA: What is the oddest customer request you have had lately? Salum: Nothing is too odd for us, we are here to please the customers.

CofA: What are your top three songs on your iPod? Salum: "Animal" ( Mike Snow), "The Forgotten People" ( Thievery Corporation), "Llegaste" (Dj Pareja)

CofA: Five years for your restaurant Salum: What will you personally do to celebrate? Salum: Drink Champagne, a good bottle.

CofA: What are a few ingredients we simply cannot find in Dallas that you would love to get your hands on regularly? Salum: Some of the unpasteurized European cheeses.

CofA: The taco craze is at near epic proportions. Where do you find a decent taco in Dallas? Salum: Taco Inn, Taqueria Arandas.

CofA: What is the worst dish you have tasted? Salum: Haggis

CofA: Do you feel a kinship to Salma Hayek, who was born Mexico and whose father also is Lebanese? Salum: No, there is a huge Lebanese community in Mexico.

CofA: What is one thing you hope to accomplish that you haven't yet? Salum: Finish my private pilots license.

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