Pasta, Cheese, Bathtubs and Boobs: This Week in the Dallas Blogoshpere

Slow day here at the Observer. Slow week, even. It's almost depressing coming to terms with the fact that the holiday season is coming to an end, you're suddenly fat, your resolutions start next week and you have to at least pretend that you want to be a better person, and oh, you're not getting another day off TILL THE END OF MAY!

Shame, that. But it's not over yet. I've got a date with some bubbles and my bathtub coming up, while you guys tend to house parties and exorbitant cover charges. But don't go just yet. Let's wrap up the week real quick. I'm thinking Boston Bibb.

Lauren Daniels interviewed Jay Jerrier at Cane Rosso. I think it's one of her best interviews so far, in part because Jerrier is such a sharp dude. You should read it and then you should comment on it. Daniels also found a way to get some killer veg to land on your doorstep. Anyone give it a try yet?

Alice Laussade said boobs.

And me? I reviewed Zio Cecio and, despite some mishaps, had a nice time. I leaned a ton about Parmigiano Reggiano and found house-made sauerkraut for my New Year's day feast. Maybe I should get a TV?

Elsewhere in the land of Dallas eats, Side Dish asks that more local restaurants apply to be recognized by Wine Spectator for their wine lists. Thing is, you don't even need a restaurant. Robin Goldstein applied and made up a bogus list for a fictitious restaurant and easily won a wine list award. And way back in 2003 the New York Times ran a story that demonstrated the ease in which a restaurant could receive the magazine's blessing.

My favorite tacobots did a year-end round up over on Crave DFW. Those tongue tacos look intense.

Finally, if you guys haven't been following industry night at Cane Rosso, check out Daniel Vaughn's post about his own experience there. Jay Jerrier has been having fun embracing various members of the food community. I hope Dallas sees more of that into the new year.

Till next week ...

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