Patio Drunk: Ten Of Dallas' Best Patios

Springtime in Dallas is a wonderful time, in between the ice of the winter and the oppressive heat of the summer, so grab every possible chance you can to get outside. While you're there, get drunk. It's what every responsible person does on a Friday in the sunshine. We've gathered together a few of Dallas' nicer patio establishments for you, so you don't have to think for yourself on a Friday after work.

Goodfriend (pictured above) OK, so the view is not so good, but the cedar pergola and patio here is great. A great crowd of neighborhood locals doesn't hurt things either. Goodfriend serves one of the best burgers in Dallas and swimsuit season isn't here quite yet, so grab a beer with one hand and your burger bun with the other and kick off patio season right.


Katy Trail Ice House is a bar that's defined by its patio. It gets crowded during sporting and other events, but there's a lot of room to move around, and the list of Texas beers is one of the most comprehensive in Dallas.


The Foundry boasts the most impressive outdoor space in Dallas, hands down. The lighting, picnic tables and plantings all come together in a way that makes you feel like you're hanging out in a really cool friend's backyard. That stage is a looker, and the vibe here is great. No wonder the place got national attention for it's beer garden.


Stackhouse Burgers has great burgers, cheap beer and a skyline view. There's nothing else you need to know.


The Blackfriar: Remember that chicken sandwich I picked on? It happens to be served on one of McKinney Avenue's best patios. The front porch of this house-turned-bar spills out onto a large deck made for drinking. Outdoor televisions keep you entertained if your date sucks.


The Mansion at Turtle Creek, Back Patio: The only thing that's missing is a perfect Dallas skyline, but two big fireplaces, a canopy of trees dotted with lanterns, and lots of space make for a polished evening session.


Lee Harvey's: Just like Katy Trail, Lee Harvey's has a massive outdoor space supported by a smaller building. The scale-tipper here is live music, and there are also fire pits, because nothing goes better with booze than open flames.


Barley House: You'll have to put up with those crazy kids from SMU, but the Barley House is owned by the same characters as Katy Trail. They recently sold the Bryan Street Tavern, though.


Bryan Street Tavern may not have the best wings in Dallas, but the do have an awesome back patio. The views are good, the TVs show sports, and occasionally you can happen on some pretty cool music just inside the bar.

Ten Bells Tavern: is my sleeper patio because it's still so new. The outdoor space may not be as nice as the Foundry's but the chicken wings are good. Maybe even the best. But that's another list for another day.

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