Paula Deen Is Coming to Dallas

Paula Deen, the undisputed queen of Butter n' N-Bombs, is headed to Dallas next month, as the central figure in a MetroCooking event series at the Dallas Convention Center.

Deen, of course, made news this summer when a deposition documented her use of racial slurs. The downward spiral was quick, marked by a missed appearance on the Today Show and a series of YouTube video apologies that seemed to do more harm than good.

The case against Deen was dismissed earlier this week. The judge stated that the plaintiff Lisa Jackson had not proved her claim, and was at best an accidental victim of the alleged discrimination. Deen is off the hook legally, but she's still lost her Food Network shows, numerous endorsements and relationships with retailers that carry her products.

MetroCooking has a statement on their website addressing Deen's inclusion in the event. "Paula Deen has been a friend of the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show for many years," it reads. The statement goes on to say that while they don't condone racial slurs, "this is a nation of forgiveness and second chances," and that they plan to go forward with Deen as a presenter.

This will be Deen's first appearance in Dallas since the scandal erupted. The show runs September 21-22, and will be held at the Dallas Convention Center. Tickets can be purchased at the MetroCooking website.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.