Peachy Week in the Food Blogosphere

This week in food blogs, peach desserts were a big hit, ketchup haters learned to love Ketchup and Taco Cabana introduced different-tasting tacos. Read on.

City of Ate Even Jenny Block, who doesn't like ketchup, enjoyed Ketchup the restaurant. In her review, she said that Uptown's new burger bar offers great service, even better burgers. (Are you over lettuce and tomato? That's OK. You can get a burger with arugula, jalapeño-corn salsa, tahini lemon spread.) The shakes are so rich that even the best straws work as well as tissue paper.

Alice Laussade said that main problem with Nammi, a Vietnamese fusion food truck, is that not enough people appreciate it. She got a BBQ pork taco for $6, and lemonade with something besides lemon and sugar in it.

A freelance food blogger was swiftly hired and fired over at Side Dish last week. Some speculate that her alias, foodbitch, was too abrasive. Don't forget to check out Side Dish's newest contributor, Bagelcuddler.

Ever tried calamari and peach ice cream? No? Here's a recipe. Everyone's doing it.

On our staff, we have a guy who can eat more corndogs faster than anyone else.

Apparently, to make something English, you put it on a roll that looks different from the other rolls and layer it with American cheese.

Help us tailor our categories for this year's Best of Dallas.

Side Dish A "pithy bunch" of reviewers will lead us lost sheep "beyond beef and Tex-Mex" in "Fearless Critic: The Dallas Restaurant Guide," due to hit newsstands soon.

Taco Cabana introduces Ajo Chicken Street Tacos, filled with marinated white meat chicken and vegetables. Andrew Chalk enjoyed them and reported, "The tacos really do taste different from the regular menu tacos."

John Tesar has decided to close The Table on August 1 so he can fix issues plaguing The Commissary. He plans to revamp The Table on September 15.

Pegasus News If there was ever a reason to choose fruit over ice cream, Teresa Gubbins says it's these peach-flavored fruit bars from Blue Bell.

Tomorrow is the last day for Jack's Backyard. Fret not: a statement from Kathy Jack, the restaurant owner, said that the "mission continues," and Gubbins reported that the restaurant plans to reopen in a different location.

The food truck mania continues with YES! Taco Truck in Fort Worth.

Escape Hatch Dallas Dallas chef Carrie Keep will appear on the next season of Hell's Kitchen, starting in a few weeks. There's a rumor that Keep makes it to the final round.

Crave DFW Vegan Melissa Brenner found some gems in Sutra's small collection of vegan dishes. The Mixed Vegetable Kari is hearty and fragrant, while the Baby Eggplant is tasty and satisfying, so long as you're not terribly hungry.

James McFaddin can't believe you don't eat more fish. Head over to Hook, Line and Sinker to fix that problem.

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