Pecan Lodge Adds a Second, Express Register, but You'll Have to Order Big

There are two schools of thought with respect to lines in barbecue: Some think it's a rite of passage, an excuse to drink beer and socialize with fellow barbecue enthusiasts, and the price you have to pay for great barbecue. These animals think you can't have a real experience if you don't have to stand on your feet for an hour or three.

The rest of us think that lines suck.

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Pecan Lodge is doing their best to please the line detractors. They've added a second register to handle a new "express" line. Those purchasing more than 5 pounds of dissembled and smoked animal parts will be able to queue up at the express register. And in case you were wondering, yes, the trough counts.

The express register will be used to process pre-orders as well. Just send an email to catering@pecanlodge.com two days in advance, and they'll have your barbecue ready to pick up. Imagine taking an entire Pecan Lodge brisket to your boss' house. You'd get a raise next Monday for sure.

And for who prefer to order their smoked meat in cautious quantities, the express register will help you too, if there are no meat gluttons in the way. In tandem the two registers should make the line that snakes through the Farmers Market move a little more quickly.

If you think this reads like an indication that Pecan Lodge may be sticking around in Shed 2, think again. The Farmers Market is about to undergo a massive multi-year construction project, and we reported earlier this summer that Pecan Lodge was looking to move to a location with a bit less turmoil. Justin Fourton says he would have made the register move regardless of his plans to relocate. And while he has yet to sign a lease, he's still talking to new landlords.

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