Pecan Lodge Wants Your Father's Day to be Meatmazing

Last Saturday, Pecan Lodge brought barbecue back to Shed 2. It. Was. Glorious. (Note: If you go to Pecan Lodge and don't try their just-added-to-the-menu house-made smoked sausage, we're not sure we can stay friends with you.)

In celebration of their return to the barbecue scene, Pecan Lodge held a T-shirt slogan contest on Twitter promising the winner a free Father's Day BBQ Sampler for 10 (including smoked brisket, ribs, sausage, pulled pork and burnt ends).

This morning, Diane "Boss Lady" Fourton sent us her top five favorite Pecan Lodge slogans from Twitter and now it's up to you, our faithful City of Ate readers, to decide who wins the meatstravaganza.

Pick your favorite and let us know right here in the comments section who should win. Voting will close Wednesday night, with a meaty-meal-for-10 winner announced on Thursday.

Judge away, City of Ate readers. We know you can do it.

Boss Lady's Top Five Favorite Pecan Lodge BBQ Slogans:
"Smoking can be good for you." -- Jovid52

"Smokin' good meat." -- Robshearer

"BBQ so smokin' hot you'll want to marry it." -- Terikw

"A lotta south for your mouth." -- Spevin

"You can't beat our meat." -- Jaydeeshep

UPDATE: And the winner is..."Smokin' good meat." by Robshearer. Congrats!

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