Pecan Lodge's Voicemail Greeting 'Hacked' to a Message Filled With Racial Slurs and Trump Talk

Did someone at Pecan Lodge break a mirror or open an umbrella inside recently? Because the restaurant has had a weird couple weeks. There was a teeny tiny fire in the smokehouse on July 13, then last week, a promotional partnership with UberEats turned into a mini nightmare for the restaurant when customers complained that Uber couldn't handle the high volume of orders from rabid barbecue fans. Yesterday, Pecan Lodge posted on Facebook that someone "hacked" into their voicemail and changed the greeting to a message filled with racial slurs. 

So what were the contents of this hate-filled message? Frankly, it doesn't matter — we've all heard enough unwarranted racist garbage lately, and none of it is worth anyone's mental energy. "It made us sick," Pecan Lodge wrote on Facebook about the message. "There is too much hate. Too much ignorance. Too much intolerance. Something has to give."

The perpetrator seemingly had a political motive, and included pro-Trump sentiments. That prompted the restaurant to denounce Trump as a candidate, and as a future diner. "I'll tell y'all something else — that nonsense about Trump in his message? Trump would only eat at PL over my dead body. #nevertrump," Pecan Lodge wrote.

Considering that Trump orders his steak well done, something tells us he wouldn't be able to appreciate the glory of Pecan Lodge anyway. 
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