Pet Veev

If you haven't wondered, as we have, about the latest medicine show fad to sweep this land of ours, brace yourself for a slew of acai berry cocktails.

As pointed out in our Chewing The Fat column, acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) flounders in VeeV, a 60-proof, sweet clear spirit probably guaranteed to create and cure your hangover, all in one go. Of course, no telling what happens to antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory...wait, don't we need oxidants? when steeped in vodka.

Beginning Sunday, VeeV hits the top shelf at 20 local restaurants and bars, including: The Porch, Villa-O (we can see that), Lotus, Victor Tangos (they'll play with just about anything), Candleroom, Cuba Libre, Livingroom, Plush, Hully & Mo's, Dolce, Fedora (of course in the trendy newcomer), Fuse, Fireside Pies, Bob's Steak & Chop House (what?), Abacus (what what?) and Nobu (?).

Oh, how far we've fallen.

VeeV marketing types already have a few drink suggestions. VeeV Fizz (VeeV, Meyer Lemon--naturally--dash of an orange and club soda); VeeV-a Les James (VeeV, club soda, and grapefruit juice) and so on.

On the plus side, when you buy a bottle of VeeV at a liquor store (look for it at Buckeye Liquor or Goody Goody), $1 goes back into the Sustainable Acai Project.

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