Peticolas' and DEBC's Newest Beers Are Worth Tracking Down

Going to the State Fair of Texas is a tradition for many people. Many, many, many people. Hordes, in fact. Sometimes the best way to deal with the stress brought on by the crush of corny dog munching humanity is to down a few beers (which is true even without the fair).  When word came out that Peticolas Brewing Co. was going to make a beer specifically for the State Fair, striding into Fair Park's maddening crowds became a necessity. Fortunately, Peticolas is not restricting its newest beer, Come and Take It, to the fair.

Available at various North Texas locations, Come and Take It can be thought of as the hoppier version of Peticolas' other kolsch, Golden Opportunity, though that's where most of the similarities end. Come and Take It is brewed with Cascadian hops, which are known for their bitterness. With a medium-to-light body and smooth mouth-feel, this is a beer made to be consumed outdoors. And while it has a light floral scent, the taste is only slightly bitter and comes across like a not-so-sweet Golden Opportunity with an earthier flavor that balances well with the hoppiness and floral hints. Coming in at only 5 percent ABV, Come and Take It is a good session beer that's easy to put down and well-suited for drinking at the State Fair.

Not to be forgotten, Deep Ellum Brewing Co. released its newest IPA this past week, a wet hop ale named Hop Seeker.  For those unfamiliar with the style, most beers are brewed with dried hops because hops do not survive long after being cut. Several breweries have started brewing beers with hops that are "wet," which means they have not been dried to be preserved. Or as DEBC explains it, "Basically, [hops are] overnighted right off the vine and into our kettle," rather than being dried for later use. While that can be a logistical challenge for a brewery, being that you have about 24 hours to get the hops to the beer, the payoff is worth it. The benefit of a wet hop ale is a beer that tastes fresher and has more vibrant flavors; Hop Seeker is no different. Coming in at 5.6 percent ABV, Hop Seeker is an IPA that is well-balanced in its hoppiness and maltiness. There are some refreshing citrusy hints in the flavor, and while the bitterness is there like with any good IPA, it doesn't stick around in the aftertaste. With a medium body and smooth mouth-feel, this is their best IPA to date. (And as an IPA fan, my favorite of their beers.)

If you are looking for a new beer to try and happen to be at the State Fair, look out for Peticolas' Come and Take It.  On the other hand, if dealing with crowds for a new beer isn't your thing, be sure to check out DEBC's newest IPA. It will definitely win over IPA fans.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.