Peticolas Has a New Beer Called Thrilla in Brazila, but You'll Have to Watch Soccer

The World Cup is coming, and if there's one thing Dallasites need for a month-long soccer bing, it's an official beer to string all those drinking sessions together. Lucky for you, Peticolas already has you covered.

Welcome the Thrilla in Brazila. Actually you can't yet; the beer won't be released until Brazil and Croatia kick off next Thursday. Mike Peticolas is only releasing the beer initially to bars that promise to show the first game with the volume cranked up to 10 (Trinity Hall, Common Table) but after that this new beer should be available all over Dallas.

I called Peticolas to learn more about the beer, and he answered my questions while clicking back and forth between an England and Peru match and a replay of the 2001 game between USA and Mexico. I think he was distracted, so take all of this information with a grain of malt, but know the guy brews some really good beer.

The limited release brew is an American IPA, and clocks in at 7.5 ABV and 75 IBU -- that means, boozy, but not too boozy, and plenty bitter but just shy of blasting your taste buds for the evening. Peticolas describes the beer as a nice, citrusy IPA with notes of resin and a golden color.

Peticolas plans to throttle the sale of the beer so it's available until with World Cup event ends, which is July 13. If you haven't already, now you've got two reasons to get into soccer-football.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.