Peticolas Partnered with a San Diego Brewery for a Limited, Powerful New Beer

When I interviewed Michael Peticolas about proposed beer legislation last week, the brewer mentioned he was nosing a special beer. Dubbed Operation Collaboration, the brew is a collaborative effort between Peticolas and Chuck Silva of Green Flash brewing Co. in San Diego.

First and most importantly, the beer is available at Meddlesome Moth right now, but there's no telling how long you'll be able to order a glass. If you're already convinced, get your ass out of your seat and order one, or look for it at additional bars in the coming days. But if you need more beer nerdery before a run to the bar, read on, and I'll tell you a little more about the beer that warms my belly as we speak.

Peticolas told me last week that he wanted this collaboration to be special, and he wanted to go with a big-name brewer based outside of Dallas. Green Flash is known for its creative use of hops, and Peticolas is known for his well-balanced approach with malts. The two seemed like a perfect pair.

Silva didn't make use of run-of-the-mill hops, but chose experimental varieties instead. I asked, but Peticolas told me the greenery isn't even named yet. "I think it's 0727 and 6260, or something?" he said, with little confidence. He knew the flavors well, though. "Tangerine, tropical and juicy fruit," he told me.

I'm not a fan of overpowering hops, which is why I love Peticolas' wares. He manages to balance out the bitter tones with plenty of malt, resulting in a balanced and drinkable beer. With Operation Collaboration, he's got me up against my hoppy threshold, but I still really enjoyed the beer. There's a lot of that floral and fruity flavor you get when hops are added close to the finish of the boil, and I didn't taste much malt in my glass, but I liked the beer. And it packs a punch at 8 percent ABV.

Go find it, drink and repeat. You won't have this opportunity very long.

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