Take a Look at Sunday’s Meat Fight

The Carne Diem team, led by Janice Provost, took home plenty of awards Sunday night.
The Carne Diem team, led by Janice Provost, took home plenty of awards Sunday night. Taylor Adams
Last night, little piggies went home with winning chefs.

Pigs that were painted gold and had wings, that is.

The annual Meat Fight competition was Sunday night (really requiring the majority of the weekend for chefs to get meat in tip-top shape).

One of my favorite bites of food was actually in the sideshow category: Mohon Barbecue’s Ron Swineson: a pork hash with rice, smoked pork, chorizo, cooked in a mustard-based sauce. This was settled on top of rice and all topped with crisp pork skin. It was full of flavor and had a dynamic texture that made it a standout.

But Josh Harmon’s (Butler’s Cabinet) team’s take on a roast beef sandwich took the win with a house-made cheese “whiz” I’m going to need to have in my life going forward.

My favorite brisket of the night came from the hands of Jeana Johnson (Canvas Hotel), who would end up getting the people’s choice award.

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Award-winning brisket
Taylor Adams
Best sausage went to Eric Freidline (Sevy’s); best burnt ends to Janice Provost (Parigi); and best brisket to Peter Barlow (Fauna). Those three were on the Carne Diem team led by Provost: They’d end up getting the overall best team award, too. Anastacia Quiñones-Pittman (Jose) took home the wild card for her pork tacos.

Congrats to those who took home gold-painted, winged pig trophies last night. Staying up all night Saturday proved useful to you and gave us all a good meal (even if all of us still smell like smoked meat the day afterward).

Now, the good stuff: We have photos from the whole thing you don't want to miss. From epic brisket to the joy on winners' faces, take a look at Meat Fight 2019.
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