Picasso's Pizza and Grill: Special Delivery for One Cheatin' Heart

Picasso's Pizza and Grill 18160 N. Dallas Parkway 972-248-0011

Promised Delivery Time: 45 minutes Actual Delivery Time: 30 Minutes

Scoring summary: Getting to enjoy my sandwich 15 minutes earlier than expected: 35 Giving me a hot and spicy foodgasm: 40 Having a go-to delivery restaurant where everyone knows your name: 15 Total: 90

I'm just going to go ahead and throw this out there -- being on a diet totally blows.

Shocking, right? The hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life is replacing my gluttonous ways with a much healthier lifestyle. Sure, I have more energy, my skin has never been this clear, and I'm one stomach flu away from fitting into my skinny jeans, but I'm suffering from separation anxiety.

It was the moment when my heart was breaking from missing all things fried and carb-filled that I decided it was time for a cheat meal. My Lean Cuisine would have to wait another day. It only took about three seconds for my stomach to decide from where and what I was ordering -- the crispy buffalo chicken sandwich with a side of fries from Picasso's Pizza. This was my go-to restaurant for delivery when I want to pretend I'm a hermit and can't leave my apartment.

I would like to say that I punched in their number on my phone, but the number was already saved in my contacts. The same girl who always answers picked up the phone and by telling her my number, she knew who I was immediately. (Before switching to all things fish and vegetables, I ordered there a lot. Honestly, I'm a little shocked that I don't have a booth dedicated to me or an entrée named after me.) I told the Picasso's lady exactly what I wanted, gave her my credit card info and she let me know it would be around 45 minutes until my precious chicken sandwich would be arriving at my door.

The mere thought of being a rebel for one night drove my stomach mad, and it was already starting to growl. It wanted its unhealthy dinner right this minute, but it would have to wait a little longer before falling off the wagon.

I wasn't surprised when I heard a knock on my door 15 minutes before my food was due because Picasso's is always before or on time. That's one of the many reasons why I love them so. I opened the door, grabbed my greasy sack full of happiness and tipped the delivery man way more than I probably should have, but I was caught up in the moment. I immediately ran to the kitchen and tore into the bag like a hungry savage.

After putting my food on a plate, I looked at it and thought to myself "Do I really want to do this? Do I really want to break my healthy ways for one night of food passion?"

Hell yes.

I took one bite of the sauce-covered chicken breast sandwiched in between two soft buns and knew that I had made a wise decision. My mouth felt like it had died and floated away to food heaven. The combination of the spicy sandwich paired with thick, long french fries dipped in ketchup and the feeling of not counting calories was the definition of a foodgasm.

Since then I've hopped back on the wagon and I'm now one stomach flu and a case of mono away from fitting into my skinny jeans, but I will never regret that one night I had with Picasso's. They will always hold a special place in my heart.

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Sarah Johnson
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