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Picking Apart Nancy Nichols' Best New Restaurants, and Adding a Few of My Own

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Mughlai This cavernous Indian restaurant, tucked into a small shopping plaza near the Galleria, is one of Dallas' best gems. Sure, they opened way back in 2011, but so did Zio Cecio. Mughlai could easily beat many of the restaurants in D's list in terms of consistency and execution, and they throw together some amazing Indian food.


Monica's Speaking of Tex-Mex, I have to say I prefer what I've had at Monica's over both Mr. Mesero and Urban Rio. Monica's enchiladas with cheese and and chili con carne made from hand made tortillas and freshly ground beef are the best I've ever had.


Carbone's How can you forget about Carbone's!? I've visited this Highland Park ode to New Jersey Italian numerous times and have never been disappointed with the food. The dining room is a little bright, but decor can't be part of this contest if Nichols let let the terrible bar at Urban Rio slide.

What about you guys? What are your best restaurant moments of 2012? Hopefully you have a few more waiting to be discovered before the year's end.

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