Picture Show: Burgers Across Texas

Last week, we joined forces with the Fellowship of the Village Voice Media Ring to bring a epic slideshow of burgers across the country. There were some surprises: the peanut-butter slathered monstrosity from City Pages, and (my god!) the grilled cheese flanked burger in Phoenix.

Working with the Houston Press, we have a new entry in the realm of burger appreciation: burgers across the great state o' Texas. In this new drool-inducing slide show, you'll find burgers from Mckinney, Fort-Worth, Dallas, North Plano, and--of course--Houston. After the jump we're tossing in a few teaser photos courtesy of Eating Our Words and Fort Worth's Love Shack, and the always excellent Katharine Shilcutt. For the full round of shots, check out the slideshow: Burgers Across Texas.

See more in the full slide show, Burgers Across Texas, and follow Eating Our Words and City of Ate on Twitter: @eatingourwords and @cityofate

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