Picture Show: "Mama's" Cupcake Meatloaf Wins the American Airlines Center Chef Challenge

Directing your attention away from the State Fair...

The American Airlines Chef Challenge went down Tuesday, October 12 at the AT&T Plaza of the AAC. This was the  deal: Competition started with 18 contestants, given 30 minutes to prepare a steak plate. Judges deliberated, selected five finalists, who prepared "Signature Offerings" within the 30 minutes. Lauren Lee, pastry chef, won the competition with her "Mama's Cupcake Meatloaf," having prepared the only thing not Baja or Southwestern in style. Bobby Flay'd be pissed.

These were the five finalists' signature offerings:

- Hollie Dorethy's Carne Asada Wrapped Stuffed Poblano

- Lauren Lee's Mama Cupcake Meatloaf

- Cedric Jennerson's Chicken Stuffed Poblano with Guacamole Sauce

- Oswaldo Samono's Blackened Fish Tacos with Avocado ( finished with 10 minutes to spare)

- Lisa Martel's Mahi Fish Sticks with Sweet Potato Tots

Check out a full round of photos of the challenge in Danny Fulgencio's slideshow.

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