Pie Contest at White Rock Local Market This Saturday

Someone's running a boondoggle over at the White Rock Local Market. They're hosting a pie contest at the "everything market" this Saturday and have called on any-and-all home bakers to fetch their most-prized from-scratch pies for a little judging. Brilliant plan, WRLM. They bake the pies and you eat them. How does one earn a spot on the pie-judging committee, I beg ...

So, if you fancy yourself an above average pie maker, then get to bakin'. The WRLM would love it if all contestants could register by Friday afternoon, but they'll accept applications, fees ($5) and pies up until morning of.

The first rule you need to know, which is also in chapter 1, section 1, rule 1 of the Universal Pie-Making Rule Book, is that all ingredients must be from scratch. Including the crust. Now, if you were out at Uncle Larry's farm over the summer and picked fresh berries and froze them, that'll do.

Here are the other rules. There are seven categories: cutie pie (12 and younger), chocolate, fruit, nut, cream/custard, vegan and savory.

The good peeps at WRLM will need two pies for proper judging and would appreciate it if you could bring a serving utensil.

If you're thinking about entering the contest, let us know what kind of pie you're going to bake and what makes it special. You know the spot where cold ice cream coalesces with warm apple pie? That's my favorite place in 'Merica!

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