Move over, mimosas — there's a new brunch favorite in town.EXPAND
Move over, mimosas — there's a new brunch favorite in town.
Picture courtesy of Pie Tap

Pie Tap's Irish Nitro Brunch Cocktail Just Kicked Your Mimosa's Ass

The mimosa has long been the drink of choice to accompany a plate of chilaquiles or chicken and waffles, but Pie Tap is attempting to replace the standard with a leveled-up Irish coffee that it's calling the Irish Nitro.

Using Ascension nitro coffee that's served on tap, Pie Tap almost makes a traditional Irish coffee (usually sugar, coffee, whiskey and cream) but goes a bit further and throws in egg white to give it a richer texture.

Because really, who needs mimosas when you can have whiskey for breakfast?

Irish Nitro, $11, $6 during brunch (10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays) at Pie Tap Pizza Workshop, 1212 Oak Lawn Ave. and 2708 N. Henderson Ave.

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