Pink Slime, Oysters and Gummy Tater Tots: The Week In Dallas' Food Scene

Baseball is officially here. I ran over to the Katy Trail Ice House to test an iPhone app and snapped this shot while I was there. Rangers fans are out in full force. If any of you find your way to the stadium this weekend, here's some food you might want to check out.

I'll talk about that iPhone app next week, but first, let's wrap up this week in Dallas food news.

I took on the Chesterfield in this week's review, which I mostly loved, but I found a few dishes that really weren't pulling their weight. You have to wonder if chef Michael Ehlert's departure was imminent, and whether that might have had to do something with those lackluster dishes. He separated from the restaurant Tuesday night, just before the review published. I've got a call in with Eddie Campbell to talk about the split, and what the Chesterfield will have in store for us moving forward.

Elsewhere on City of Ate, pink slime is staying red hot. Lauren talked to Matthew Hamilton, a local cattleman with a LFTB vendetta, and commenters jumped in the mix. BPI is still reeling from a spate of negative press about its product. Meanwhile, I'm filling out the paper work to quit my job and start a business to mechanically extract lobster essence from scraps and shells to build a better lobster roll.

Over on the Eats Blog, Leslie Brenner reviewed the Woodshed. Now I know why she's been so obsessed with broccoli. Reviewing a restaurant that uses smoker drippings as a condiment would drive any critic to the brink.

Side Dish comes to the rescue for Tillman's Roadhouse. Their reason for defending the restaurant is tater tots of all things. They've also got a compelling first look/review of Chicken Scratch. (Which is odd, actually, since the restaurant had a D Recommends sticker in the window the day after it opened. Maybe the doors just come that way now?)

As my wanderlust continues to swell, Crave published a compelling look at eating your way through New Orleans. I might have to boil up some mud bugs this weekend to cope.

Remember the stories about some seafood restaurant in Oak Cliff that was supposed to open ages ago? The Escape Hatch reports a different sort of opening day is imminent. Driftwood should have its first dinner service April 17th, if things go according to plan. I hope they have a good deal on oysters.

That's all I've got for this week. That blue sky is calling, and the weather looks great all weekend. See you back here Monday.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.