Pizza Hut Creates Singularity with Pizza in a Pizza: The "Double Sensation"

In Latin, the word simulacrum means "likeness" or "similarity." It's a term often used by philosophers and social theorists (see: Baudrillard) to exemplify the hyper-real. To boil it down: a simulacrum can often be a perverted version of reality.

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So, right as we wash away the fear of the Mayan apocalypse crushing Earth like a soda can, we can now acknowledge Pizza Hut for creating a simulacrum. Over in Singapore, Pizza Hut has spawned a quandary that pizza philosophers will puzzle over: the pizza within the pizza. Others have named it Inception Pizza. I know you want to study this further, so here's some academic bullet points that illustrate what this pizza is:


-There's two crusts because there's an inner pizza and an outer pizza -Which pizza is the real pizza? -There's a cherry in the center for some reason -The inner pizza has chicken and zucchini and pepper Alfredo sauce which is not the same as the outer pizza -The outer pizza has a salsa sauce -The pizza has just been released for December, which could mean it's some higher form of Pizzaing -If you remove the inner pizza from the outer, will this stop the Earth's rotation?

As Eater points out, this Christmas meal includes two soups and two "Sparkles" drinks for the low, low price of $30.90. Here's to hoping one of you can make it happen. Send photos, will you?

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