Pizza Hut Middle East Expertly Inserts Cheeseburgers in the Pizza Crust

The Edwardian, bizarro novelty in the fast-paced food industry continues. Just mere weeks after the announcement that tent-poling a hot dog into the crust of a big pizza was also food, Pizza Hut Middle East has a brand new thing. It's a pizza with mini cheeseburgers in the crust! Also, they've added fried chicken things as crust. The former's called the Crown Crust Pizza, probably because it looks like a giant meat crown.

Eater notes that this isn't the first time Pizza Hut has Crowned -- they stuffed meatballs and cheese back in 2010. Pizza taste aside, you must admit, this is a minor feat of engineering. A Nobel in 2013, probably.

We're wondering: if everyone grabs a burger from the crust at the same moment, does a black hole open in the universe somewhere?

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Nick Rallo
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