Pizza Hut Will Add Romance to Your Marriage Proposal for 10 Grand, Provide Breadsticks

For generations, people have been nervously asking, "Is a fast-food pizza chain the best place to make my marriage proposal?" Now Plano-based Pizza Hut is offering an answer.

Their $10,010 package, according to the press release, (via Eater) includes a "stunning ruby stone flanked by shimmering diamonds," a limo service, flowers, a photographer, a videographer, and -- "hands down the most vital" -- the $10 dinner box.

Not sure how much the diamonds will shimmer after rolling around with marinara sauce, 10 cinnamon sticks, and a pan-pizza, but screw it, you know? In the press release:

"If we're able to fit pizza, breadsticks and dessert into one box for only $10, why stop there?" asked Kurt Kane, Pizza Hut CM

Of course! Hell, why don't we add 28 more Super Supreme Pizzas, 365 pepperoni condoms for each day of the year, 18 Michael Bay's so they can film the proposals, and 100,000 P'zone's filled with the written, paper vows of previously Pizza Hut married couples.

The package is available through Valentine's Day, so better hurry if you want the Pizza Hut Limo, the P'limo, to arrive on time. Update 11:25: Our sister paper, Westword, tipped us that about "800 people have already signed up," according to Hut Spokesperson.

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