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Pizza Patrón, Dallas' Original Latino-Centric Pizza Shop, Keeps Stacking Them Pesos

Dallas' favorite Hispanic pizza restaurant is featured in February's issue of Success magazine, which features President Guillermo Estrada and his tips for successfully courting the Hispanic dining community.

Estrada attributes the restaurant's success to an intimate understanding of the various markets the chain operates in. "The Cuban is a different Hispanic than the Puerto Rican from New York," he tells the magazine. Pizza Patrón, currently operating in seven states, doesn't operate any stores in New York, but that should change soon. The company has plans for 750 new stores nationwide within a decade.

Company founder Antonio Swad opened the first store in Dallas 25 years ago and got attention for accepting pesos for pizza. The company website advertizes a Toluquena pizza featuring three meats and free jalapeños for $6.99. That's 95.04 pesos at today's exchange rates.

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