Pizza Prints are a Party for Your Pizza and a Trainwreck for Your Tastebuds

Thinking about hosting a Super Bowl Party, but looking for a way to raise the bar? Well, we found it.

Pizza Prints are melting stickers for pizza that you can eat. Sold in classic infomercial style (insert infomercial voice), they are "edible image decorations that turn your pizza into a Superbowl party!" And, no, this isn't a Phineas and Ferb episode.This is for real.

The stickers are made from starches and edible food coloring and have a mild cheese flavor. They're available in all 32 NFL teams, including the Bucaneers for some reason. You get two for only $10.95! But! If you order now! You'll get a third pizza print! For free! Plus 12 Super Bowl ring decorations for free! This isn't cheesy AT ALL! And it's totally not gross! Just watch and see. And order now! Because it's the "greatest victory for pizza since cheese!"

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