Pokey O's Rolls Out a Fresh, Customizable Rethinking of the Choco Taco

Remember the Klondike Choco Taco that Taco Bueno offered back in the day? It held all the same ingredients as a Drumstick with the fun of being taco shaped. Ice cream plus taco equaled good.

But then somewhere around 2009, according to the Internet, Choco Tacos suddenly became hard to find, casting America in a dairy-taco family.

Klondike's original is back in stores now, but if you fear getting hooked on the treats only to have them disappear again, then rejoice, we've found something better. Pokey O's (creators of the customizable cookies-and-ice-cream-sandwich) plans to develop a customizable riff of the Choco Taco simply called the Ice Cream Taco.

This, Choco Taco fans, is a vast improvement upon the original. Here's why:

House-made, not mass-produced: The waffle cone options and "magic" shell toppings are made right there at Pokey O's.

Customizable to your preferences and daily whims: Today feels like a mocha-almond-fudge-with-peanut-butter-shell-and-rainbow-sprinkles kind of a day? Consider it done.

Conveniently available in premade recipes: For when you don't have the time (like one minute) or patience (are you 11?!) to create your own ice cream taco, there is a small freezer full of predesigned options available for three for $10. A great way to make friends.

Here's how it goes down, taco-wise: 1) Choose your waffle: original or chocolate. 2) Choose your ice cream flavor(s): Blue Bell, of course. 3) Choose your "magic" shell: peanut butter, dark chocolate, white chocolate or butterscotch 4) Choose your topping: peanuts, pretzels, sprinkles, Oreos, Nerds or M&Ms 5) EAT. THAT. TACO. 6) See how many dirty taco jokes you can make in the 30 seconds it takes to decide you probably want another one.

The tacos launch Sunday just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.