Pong Beer, the Beer Made Specifically for Beer Pong, is Coming to Texas

Somewhere, Toby Keith is rejoicing. Coming soon to Texas, according to Pong Beer's site, is the one, the only beer exclusively designed to receive a unsterilized, filthy college apartment ping pong ball. It's Pong Beer! Or, the beer specifically for playing Beer Pong. It's so real, everyone.

How real? According to the website, it's already available in Kentucky, New York, New Jersey, Florida and other states where there's probably Universities. Their product pitch --- which I must say, is worth the jump -- a 30-pack comes with two pong balls for the low, low price of free. Better yet, two 30 packs comes with a "reload" (16 oz. party cups and 4 balls in one super convenient package). Amazing? Amazing.

We have an email out to distributors to determine when, oh sweet when, this is coming to our lovely state. Before ripping it off the shelves, Pong Beer USA would like to remind you to Pong safely. (h/t Reddit)

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