Pop Diners, Cinco De Mayo and a Slew of Restaurant Openings in This Week's Wrap

We had a busy week at the CoA. Scott Reitz endured some bad karaoke at Pop Diner at in Uptown. No matter what the T-shirts may say, pulling off good food is sometimes easier said then done. Unless you're drunk, then who cares? Exactly ...

We covered some solid Cinco de Mayo festivities and 10 happy hour options, if it's five o'clock wherever you are. Alice Laussade joined us for a little placenta recipe exchange, for which we will be forever grateful. And certainly never forget. She also took a poll and decided that May is most definitely Barbecue Month.

LDD discovered a charming little kolache shop in Brooklyn where Texans hang out to reminisce. They also had a little fundraiser for West last weekend.

There were some pretty amazing restaurant openings in May, which Catherine Downes has wrapped up here. Mot Hai Ba, Cane Rosso White Rock, Slow Bone, and another Pearl Cup. May is the month to beat, all you other lame months.

On other blogs, Leslie Brenner reviewed Boca Chica Sports Cantina and gave it three stars. She overlooked the full name before arriving and might have skipped it had she seen the "Sports Cantina," but then would have missed some impressive ceviches.

Kim Pierce at the DMN pulled together a handy pocket guide of local farmers markets.

Todd Johnson at DMag reviewed Stampede 66 and the "delicious homage to the Lone Star State mystique."

T. Gubbins at Culture Map has her 10 best spots to eat at now.

That's all we have for this week. Enjoy the cooler temperatures, start being nice to mom and be careful in all the revelry this weekend. See you bright and early Monday morning to do it all over again.

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