Pop-Up Ramen and Japanese Whiskey at the Libertine on Monday

This coming Monday is Festivus, the annual parody of holidays created by Frank Costanza on Seinfeld. The day/event includes, among other things, the airing of grievances and an unadorned aluminum pole. The man of the house is also suppose to take the floor in a wrestling match of some sorts to assert his authority. Barmen Máté Hartai and Omar Yeefoon are having a match of their own at The Libertine that includes some strong drinks and hot ramen.

Hartai of The Libertine has invited over Yeefoon (formerly of Smyth) to pour Japanese whiskey drinks while Driftwood sous chef Justin Holt pours bowls of Tonkotsu-style ramen made with a pork and chicken bone broth and alkaline noodles.

The drinks are focused on Japanese distillers, Suntory and Nikka, the two biggest players in Japanese whiskeys. In addition to serving two expressions from each distiller, Hartai will craft diamond shaped ice, while Yeefoon makes perfect balls of ice. Sound ridiculous? Well, then watch this.

There can't possibly be a better way to celebrate Festivus.

A bowl of ramen is $12 and the whiskey varies ($10 to $30). Dinner starts at 7 p.m. at The Libertine. Start working on your list of grievances now.

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