Praise the Lord and Pass the Hatch Chile

"Praise God, the 2010 Chile Season is here," says the banner headline on Hatch Chile Express' homepage.

Hatch Chile Express, a New Mexico distributor with a three-generation long history of chile farming, is planning to begin shipping its Big Jims, Sandias and Lumbre chiles on Monday. But for Dallasites who can't wait to get their fix from the world's chile capital, at least two area chains have Hatch chile celebrations on their August calendars.

Central Market - which is so excited about its upcoming Hatch Chile Festival that the grocer sent chips and green chile salsa to most every local media outlet - is marking the harvest with in-store demos and food samples. There's also a Hatch chile "quickfire challenge" on August 29, pitting Central Market's chef against Chef Bruno Davaillon from Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek.

According to the press release that accompanied the chips, Central Market annually orders 250,000 chiles, or "more than any other retailer in the country."
And when Central Market's festival ends, Blue Goose Cantina's chile menu begins. The Blue Goose menu, starting August 30, will include Hatch stew, Hatch enchiladas, Hatch soft tacos and Hatch quesadillas.

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Hanna Raskin
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