Praying To The Saint...Of Chocolate

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. It's almost like there's a chocolate-centric holiday coming up or something. A holiday that could have been custom-created for Central Market's brand and aesthetic, if Central Market had existed in 270 CE, around the time of Saint Valentine.

No matter. This weekend, Central Market Dallas hosts a Festival of Chocolate.

Look for store displays, workshops, and demos and sample sweet treats like chocolate covered strawberries, Newman's Own organic chocolate, John Kelly truffles, and Bovetti artisan chocolate bars from France (exclusive to Central Market and in flavors like white chocolate and apricot, dark chocolate with carmelized cocoa beans, violet with white chocolate, and milk chocolate with banana chips.)

If you'd rather take matters into your own hands, CM will offer pre-assembled fondue kits for two, complete with instructions, two kinds of chocolate, and fruit, as well as chili dusted ribeyes and creative cooking demos throughout the store. While you're there, register to win "Dinner and a Movie," a chef-prepared meal, prepared and served in your home on Valentines Day.

Check out the sweet stuff from Friday to Sunday to get big ideas or even big boxes of the stuff for your Valentine or your friend. Or leave them on their own and get something to enjoy all by yourself!

Hey, we're just getting ready to celebrate a saint. Not claiming to be one.

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S. Anne Durham
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