Prepping For The Super Bowl: This Week In Dallas Eats

This Sunday, Americans will eat more food than on any other day, with the exception of Thanksgiving. On Super Bowl Sunday we shamefully watch others with the sports skills we wish we had, and use excessive amounts of food to comfort ourselves for our own lack of stamina and hand-eye coordination. Not that there's anything wrong with that. If anything, it's a reason to make a big ass lasagna pan of seven layer dip you're two ashamed to serve the rest of the year.

But before you start surfing the net for recipes, make sure you check out our wrap on this week in Dallas' food news. It's another good one.

In embracing my most adventurous spirit, I got my ass all they way up to Carrollton to review Tto Tto Wa bistro this week. The drive was totally worth it though. In fact, if you're looking for take out chicken for your party, I think Angela Kim should be your person.

Elsewhere on City of Ate, Lauren got a box full of healthy, and I immediately told her how to ruin all of it. And in other healthy tasty eats, we ate some doughnuts, some bagels,a slice of cake, and a bunch of heavy pasta.

The beginning of a month marks our list of openings and closings. We checked out Union Bear and Tim Love's Woodshed. And we proved that tater tots day is totally made up.

Elsewhere in the Dallas blogosphere, Leslie Brenner pulled a twofer. She reviews Jasper's (one star) and Lefty's Lobster and Chowder House (three stars) and broke the news about Charlie Palmer Steak's new head chef. (He's from D.C., like me.)

A number of chefs gathered to honor Chef Jean LaFont. Nancy Nichols calls the toque Dallas' most significant chef on SideDish, and snaps a shot from the service. Guys who cook like LaFont, the old old guard are becoming pretty rare.

Entree Dallas, met some dude named Buttons. I've liked all the interviews they've done, and this one is no exception.

And wrapping things up where we started, Joylicious has a post on setting up a little sandwich bar for the Super Bowl. Why do I love it? Because the photography is awesome, there's a cool stop motion sandwich gif that reminds me old animation, she uses mayo like a champ, and she doesn't screw up her dish with an out of season tomato.

Enjoy your weekend Dallas. We'll talk football Monday morning, first thing.

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