Presenting! The Completely Free Dallas Observer iPhone App

Let's get right to the announcement: our brand-spanking new Dallas Observer iPhone App is available for download, right now, in the iTunes App Store. Before we launch into an epic "presenting" speech, where we tell you that's it's completely FREE and has an exciting little logo and everything--let's break down why you need to download this puppy.

Download: Dallas Observer iPhone App [FREE]

It's got a calendar, music and restaurants category for you to peruse the best local events, over 2,000 restaurants with Editor's Picks, and live music (oh, and a whole lot more) from your zip code and beyond. And it's got the maps and directions and numbers for you to find it. What's that? You were at a show last night and want to see slideshows and reviews? Well, golly, that's on there too, under the "last night" section. Of course, since that whole social media thing is sticking around--we'd made it available to share all that fun stuff by Facebook.

So, yeah, you may want to put down Four Square or Worms for a quick second, and meander over to your iTunes Store and download this sucker--again it's completely free. Ok, let's get you the details so can get our cool, red and white app logo on up next to the Minesweeper app on your iPhone.

Download: Dallas Observer iPhone App [FREE]

Or Search "Dallas Observer" directly from your iTunes App Store.

Also check out the Village Voice and Go Time powered Happy Hours App available in the iTunes store.

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