Presenting: The Deep Fried, Liquid Nitrogen
Dr Pepper Cake

You may need to sit down. Take a breather. The State Fair is beyond space-epic, at this point. You've eaten a good chunk of the fair's fried foods already, haven't you? Maybe a giant, throbbing red pickle or too? (Maybe you're throbbing too). If you're not at critical mass yet, nearing a supernova blast going off in your lowers -- careful and you just may collapse into yourself, creating a super dense center...

Speaking of super dense centers, the Dr Pepper "Fry-tastic" Cake Competition was held at Fair Park on Tuesday (why didn't they have it on FRY-day?!?).

Here's what happened: Abel Gonzales, known to us mortals as the "king of deep-frying," selected the winning cake out of dozens of contestants. The Dr Pepper 125th anniversary cake contest winner, a Dr Pepper Black Forest cake by Julie Ray of Fort Worth -- who jokingly renamed her creation "The Ha-Ha I Won Cake" on the spot -- was then fried on premises by Gonzales.

Thus, presenting, Abel Gonzales' "Deep-Fried Dr Pepper Cake"...

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Nick Rallo
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