Presenting: The Winners of Meat Fight 2012 (And Incredible Meat Photos)

Sunday, at Sons of Hermann Hall, it was every carnivores' dream Meat Prom. Purple, sparkling pigs, each wearing tiny party hats, sat on top of tables and glittered gold letters on standing signs indicated where myriad animal parts would be served. This was the scene at Meat Fight.

In case you missed it, Meat Fight is the brainchild of Mike and Alice Laussade, and it began two years ago in their backyard. This year a dozen-or-so chefs, including Dallas' Brian C. Luscher, Jeana Johnson, Chad Houser, Jack Perkins, Tiffany Derry (and more), competed in a barbecue competition. Alongside their tender bits were beers from Deep Ellum's brewery, icy, craft popsicles from Pop Star (Arnold Palmer flavor, FTW), and bourbon from Knob Creek.

So, if you did miss the grand Meat Prom -- which was all for charity, by the way; over 20 grand was raised for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society -- then we have some meaty photos: The Incredible BBQ Meats of Meat Fight

And, below, you'll find the awards for the four categories: brisket, pulled pork, sausage, and "WTF" (pork belly).

Sausage Jeff Bekavac - Neighborhood Services

Pulled Pork Omar Flores - Driftwood

Pork Belly Tiffany Derry - Private Social

Brisket Jack Perkins - Maple & Motor

Best Team Meatallica - Captained by Brian C. Luscher of The Grape Next: MEAT PORN FROM MEAT FIGHT.

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