Primo's Will Now Be Known as So&So's, Is Going to Be a Party

When we broke the news that Primo's would be closing, there were two primary reactions. One and was tinged with refried nostalgia; the sounded a lot like "good riddance." Neither was particularly loud, though. It was like the air being slowly let out of a balloon.

Primo's replacement, by comparison, will get started off with a bang. Co-owner Brandon Hays will be celebrating his birthday there on April 18th and you're invited. The party marks the opening of the bar and restaurant, and sometime soon after you can expect So&So's to be ready to entertain you with a full menu.

Ian Tate, who recently left Komali, will be working the kitchen, and focused primarily on pizza, according to the Eats Blog. The menu is expected to be casual, after all So&So's tagline is "something for everyone."

Behind the bar, expect frozen drinks, a few cocktails and plenty of beer, but none of the labor intensive mixology on display at Hays' other Uptown bar, The Standard Pour. It sounds like a place to party hard on a Friday.


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