Proof + Pantry Will Now Serve Lunch; Leslie Brenner Still Probably Not Invited

As if we haven't heard enough about Misery Loves Company's spanking-new restaurant in One Arts Plaza, Proof + Pantry over the weekend announced that it would be expanding the extremely limited lunch options starting tomorrow.

Owner Michael Martensen hinted to the Observer in August that the restaurant would begin doing lunch service once they'd gotten their footing, and one can assume that this move comes at a time when the restaurant is likely fighting off eager diners with a fork after all of the hubbub surrounding Proof + Pantry, its owners, and Dallas Morning News food critic Leslie Brenner. We're guessing she's probably still not invited.

The lunch menu, or what was visible from their Facebook post, may actually be more interesting that Proof + Pantry's dinner offerings. Most notably, "Nanna's meatballs & gravy," which our own food critic called one of the best meals and deals in the city, makes a daily appearance over fresh pasta made in-house. In addition to rotating daily seafood specials, the restaurant has also added a New England-style lobster roll to the menu, no doubt an homage to Chef Kyle McClelland's upbringing on the East Coast.

There are, of course, versions of Dallas' lunchtime requirements, like a pressed chicken sandwich served with black truffle butter and asparagus, and a burger made with some likely super-secret house blend of meats and whatever "carmalized" onions are. No prices were visible on the posted menus, but you should probably expect to drop a little cash for the kind of quality McClelland is serving up.

Lunchtime may also be the best time to treat yo' self to one of Martensen's "no proof cocktails," considering that most workplaces frown on their employees returning to the office a little tipsy. These virgin concoctions, like a savory "Cooko Cuk" made with cucumber, dill, and sea salt, are probably something that you'd avoid when the stronger stuff is on the menu, but are certainly a more interesting midday sip than a boring ole Coke out of a bottle.

Proof + Pantry will be open for lunch Tuesday through Friday from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm, giving you plenty of time to sober up if you "accidentally" drink a cocktail or two when you're away from the office. At least if you start early, anyway.

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