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Q de Cheval Chef Rex Turner Focuses on Texas Tastes

The InterContinental Hotel has gotten a multimillion-dollar face-lift. A new lobby and meeting rooms were part of the deal, but perhaps the biggest addition is the new restaurant Q de Cheval, which opened in mid-February. Now they have a new chef too, Rex Turner.

You might recognize the name. Most recently, he could be found at Coal Vines and Villa O before that. (His early career included Coyote Café, Gumbo's and Nick and Sam's Steakhouse.) At Q de Cheval, Turner's using his new position to Texas a la France.

Who are you? I'm from Detriot, Michigan. I came up in the school of hard knocks, starting as a dishwasher and working my way up. I've been working in kitchens for 24 years.

How did you get this gig? This old German chef who likes to curse a lot.

Why the move to Q de Cheval? The InterContinental hotels are known for quality restaurants and bars.  I am very excited to be given the opportunity to create my own vision of Texas cuisine at Q de Cheval.      Seeing as we have so much Southwest style food here in Dallas, why make that the focus at Q de Cheval? I think it's good for our guests visiting Texas to get a chance to see what we have to offer with local and regional ingredients and cuisines.

What kind of experience does the restaurant promise customers? A taste of everything that is Texas, from our menu to our daily specials.  We offer local ingredients, organic salads, prime steaks, seafood and creative handcrafted desserts.   Many folks shy away from hotel restaurants. Why should diner run to rather than away from this one? We are a restaurant that just happens to be in a hotel, not a hotel restaurant.

What's the deal with food? I fell in love with food thanks to my mother. She was an amazing cook, being a single mother of three she always needed a hand in the kitchen, and me being hungry all the time, it just made sense for me to be there.

Who do you expect will dine at your place? (Don't be shy.)

 Dirk Nowitziki, Troy Aikman, and probably most of the Dallas Cowboys players.

Who works at your place? An unstable German chef, and a mix of people from around the world

What is up with the national food scene and how does your restaurant fit into it? More great restaurants are utilizing local and seasonal ingredients. We are taking that approach to our concept by using as many local farmers and purveyors as possible to receive the freshest ingredients.

If you could stab one Food Network person who would it be?

 Sandra Lee. Have you seen her Kwanzaa cake?

If you could be best friends with one Food Network person who would it be? Guy Fieri. I really like his show Secrets of a Restaurant Chef.

Why are so many people in the United States so overweight? Because we know how to eat.

Q de Cheval InterContinental Dallas 15201 Dallas Parkway 972-386-6000

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