Queensland Scientist Create Hydrating Beer by Taking Out the Most Important Ingredient. Thanks!

The kids down under at the Sydney Morning Herald reported that some "clever Queensland scientists" have discovered way to rehydrate with beer, noting that "quenching a hard earned thirst with a big cold beer just got better for you."

Did it though? Did it?

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Researchers at Griffith University, who certainly coordinate weekly happy hours, figured out a way to improve the hydrating effects of beer. First, they added electrolytes, which replenish the body's fluids. Brilliant. Sort of like cutting a beer with a Gatorade.

But, to complete the hydration element, they reduced the alcohol content.

Ohhhhh. So, it's the alcohol that dehydrates our system? Therefore, by excluding it (for the most part) from beer, we can actually rehydrate while imbibing? Totally makes sense now, although the point is lost.

Here's an interesting statement from the report:

"Professor Desbrow said it was more effective to tell people how to minimise dehydration than telling them not to drink."

Further, Desbrow offered that "If you're going to live in the real world, you can either spend your time telling people what they shouldn't do, or you can work on ways of reducing the danger of some of these socialised activities."

Next, we can only hope they invent keg stands in which your feet never actually leave the ground. Instead, you just stay home with your cats and knit.

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