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Who is the best 'unknown' chef in Dallas?

Some definition: By unknown we mean a chef who receives very little media attention. The chef's restaurant may be well known, mind you, but someone else gets all the press. An example might be Bartolino Cocuzza of Amici in Carrollton. So obviously by Dallas we mean greater Dallas.

Results from last week, in which we asked if 'no reservation' policies unfairly penalize those who plan ahead for dinner.

2 to 1 say no.

This drew interesting responses on both sides. "Deelish" points out that many people must "lock down" times because of babysitters or other commitments. "PJ" explains some of the economic advantages for small restaurants, as well as suggesting 'planners' plan to dine earlier or later than the dinner rush. "Luniz" had some very practical advice, noting (we think correctly) that no place in town is worth a two hour wait.

We think the key is the word "unfair." As "TLS" says, if you know the policy and the restaurant sticks with it--not making exceptions for celebs or friends--then how can you quibble? But that's an "if."

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