Question Of The Week: Do You Miss After Dinner Cigars?

Remember the cigar craze of the late 90s? Even President Clinton got into the act.

Sorry, couldn't resist. But for stodgy old timers, there's nothing so civilized as a cigar and refined drink after a big meal. Of course, we're not allowed to indulge in Dallas these days--at least not within 15 feet of a door. So do you miss it? Or is clean air worth the sacrifice?

Results from last week, in which we asked which style of pizza crust Dallas prefers:

Few--maybe none--sided with the cracker crusts, although foodczar chose to write a paragraph that amounted to "all of the above" (thus allowing cracker crust to claim at least one fan). Neapolitan didn't fare well, either.

Which left the race up to Chicago or New York style.

Wasn't much of a race, however. New York won by a 2-1 margin. One respondent, Erin, put it this way: "Got to be New York. The best New York style pizza I have found outside of the Big Apple is at Sam's Pizza in Cedar Hill (way outside the Dallas dining loop, I know, but worth the trip). Especially on a slow weeknight when the pies get plenty of time in the oven, they hit that perfect ballance -- not too thin, not too thick, crispy chewy goodness. Pick it up and it won't flop all of the toppings off on your lap. Fold it in half and it won't shatter."

Can't say we've been to Cedar Hill lately, but we'll probably take Erin up on her recommendation. Meanwhile, we'll throw our vote behind luniz, who said "so long as it's made by people who give a shit and know what they're doing, I'll probably like it."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.