Question Of The Week: How Do You Define 'Dive Bar'?

Rough and rustic little joints have always captured our imagination, although we're never sure why. The tables wobble, seat cushions are torn and there's something more than stale cigarette smoke lurking in the air...though we don't really want to know just what.

But that's just one version of a dive. So what is it that really makes a dive a dive? We wonder this every time we drive past Louie's: Can a dive serve decent food or good beer? Does it have to be dirty inside? What's the difference between a dive and a neighborhood bar? In other words, how do you define it?

Report from last week, in which we asked if you were persuaded by "official food/drink of the Dallas Cowboys" labels:

The quick answer: No.

But, as usual, there's some color to the picture. While Travis takes the blanket dismissal approach ("I don't know who any of the official products of the Cowboys are, nor do I care."), CowboysDontKnowGuac skips such products for reasons of financial disbursement: "I pass on the bag of guacamole that says "Official Guac of Los Cowboys" Jerry does not need my money."

The marketing aspect bothers cynical old bastard. "People have to understand that in order to be the offical whatever all you have to do is pay a bunch of money," he writes. "It's not as if it's anything other than advertising. So, no, being the official sponsor of the Cowboys has no meaning for me."

And then there's Ahn Curry's beautiful touch of sarcasm: "Everything tastes better with Dallas Cowboy brand shrimp paste."

Finally there was TLS, who mentioned something called the "Eagles" as her reason for not buying into the 'Boys. Not sure what this "Eagles" thing is, but we're assuming either a team she made up on Madden or more likely the acronym for some debilitating illness.

Sad, really, that Eagles can strike one so healthy and full of life.

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