Question Of The Week: How Will You Remember The Past Decade?

In dining/restaurant scene terms, of course...

Maybe we're wrong here, but looking back on the year 2000--which, as you recall, was supposed to bring everything crashing to a stop--it seems as if Dallas was very different then: wilder, more formal, less vegetarian, much less local and seasonal.

So, when you think back over the past ten years, what stands out? The Henderson Avenue boom? The rise and fall of Samba Room? Hard door clubs? Fearing and Pyles opening new spots? And what will you miss the most about the 00s

Report from last week, in which we asked just what, if anything, is wrong with fruitcake?

Opinion ranged from the admittedly unfamiliar (TLS: "Other than the aforementioned homemade boozy kind I don't think I've actually ever had a piece of fruitcake. When you grow up hearing how it makes a better doorstop and how no one knows what the hard green things are why would I want to eat it? But now as this horrible (for me) decade ends I think it's time to try one. Someone send me a fruitcake dammit!") to the adoring (knottygirl: "I absolutely adore homemade fruitcake. I used to make it myself, but no one else would eat it and I have enough trouble keeping my weight below "fat cow" levels without eating an entire fruitcake every Christmas. Man, is it good, though. I would wrap it in cheesecloth and soak it with brandy once a week for about 6 weeks before Christmas.") to the downright dismissive: (Westender: "Fuck fruitcake! Give me some Panettone.")

But there was some agreement on its biggest redeeming factor.

Case in point, Great Fruitcake: "Instead of listing all the many, many, many reasons why people hate fruitcake, perhaps it would be easier to just list the one reason some people do: alcohol. Primarily, the 7 gallons of alcohol that's dumped onto every fruitcake as it ripens(?), ferments(?, ages(?). Or perhaps the many gallons of alcohol that must be drank to either get up the nerve to try a slice, or wash the taste of fruitcake out of your mouth after eating it."

This was seconded--sort of--by Dallas Dude: "I want a slice of fruitcake. Hold the cake and the dried crap, just pour me a cup of rum. Make it gin and add tonic. Perfect."

So there you have it. There's nothing wrong with fruitcake. Especially when alcohol is involved.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.