Question Of The Week: Should Restaurants Really Have Live Music Or A DJ?

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Last Friday I was sitting at Cretia's, eating dinner and watching a crew set up for live entertainment. The space is small enough for amplified music to drown nearby conversation. Crank it up, the restaurant could obliterate all form of interaction. One of the guys even suggested moving a dinner table to make room for either speakers or a DJ stand, I never saw which.

Do you want some live cover band or DJ setting the mood for dinner? Isn't it often too loud or annoying? Or maybe those soundtracks played softly over wall-mounted speakers aren't enough...

Results from last week, in which we asked about fried butter (and, more specifically, if we couldn't just be happy with old-fashioned fair food)...

After reading through the responses I find two common threads. First of all, everyone is on to the marketing trick that is the annual fried food contest, and few are wowed by it. Secondly, those who responded show no interest in trying fried butter. Third...um, three common threads...if they made proper cotton candy, the gimmick foods would die off.

To the point, Handsome Lance Manion says "On paper, Fried Butter should break some law of physics or cause some sort of black hole at the Fairgrounds(no offense John Wiley Price). If everything is better with butter AND everything is better when fried, putting the two together just seems dangerous and irresponsible."

To the cotton candy point, Amy S says "My research into this area has led to the following conclusions. Freshly made cotton candy costs $.15 per serving in product cost. Cotton candy sugars come in 14 different Flossugar flavors, including Sassy Apple, Wacky Watermelon, Bonanza Banana, and the most popular seller Silly Nilly (pink vanilla). Surely some enterprising young person could figure a way to add "gourmet" flavors - perhaps Margarita, or Creme Bruelee? Truffle might not translate so well, but Key Lime Pie sounds pretty tasty. And while it doesn't float my personal boat, what about a Chocolate flavored cotton candy? It could happen."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.