Question Of The Week: Which Style Of Pizza Does Dallas Prefer?

So we stole this idea from Jay Jerrier. A Neapolitan pizza guy himself, he wondered in a comment posted on our site this week whether the cracker crust was the city's favorite.

Pizza crust comes in many styles. For the purposes of this week's question, however, we'll assume that marginal versions--rustica, for instance, or (god forbid) stuffed crust--aren't in the running. We'll also assume (probably to the dismay of Grimaldi's) that New York style refers only to thin, floppy crust.

Which is it: Neapolitan, Chicago (as if), or the cracker crust (which we could attribute to several cities)?

Results from last week, in which we asked if drinking bottled water was, well, stupid:

Barring situations such as riding in the Tour de France or living on some organic farm where runoff spoils the well, the answer is--quite simply--yes...although we may make an exception for water spiked with the minimum daily requirement of vitamins, because we really don't like to eat vegetables.

And we can admit that now that Veggie Girl is gone.

Just a couple brief highlights here. "Mostly a waste of money (and plastic)," explains luniz. Indeed, the western world's landfills are starting to choke on water bottles according to some studies. "I prefer tap water," says TLS. "It has flavor."

Let's just assume TLS doesn't live on an organic farm.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.