Let me see that Tootsy Roll.
Let me see that Tootsy Roll.

RA Sushi Donates Some Proceeds To St. Jude Next Week

I don't know what you been told / It ain't the butterfly, it's the tootsee roll --69 Boyz

The 69 Boyz are correct, as usual. It ain't the butterfly--RA Sushi doesn't even list the shiba, takuan and cucumber roll on its menu--but rather the Tootsy Maki--or Tootsie Roll--a few other items and selected beverages that will benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital next week during Nicky's Week.

May 24-30, all 22 RA Sushi (Flash and music warning) restaurants, including the location at Shops at Legacy in Plano, will donate 100 percent of proceeds from selected menu items to the charity hospital in honor of the late Nicky Malliard, a nephew of one of the chain's founders, who died of cancer in 2005.

St. Jude is an internationally recognized pioneer in medical research and offers free treatment to families without insurance.


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